How to recover from a failed audit


Government inspectors failed to take action on one of every five serious food-safety risks identified in manufacturing facilities, according to a report released by federal auditors Wednesday. In the remaining cases, the Food and Drug Administration almost always asked food manufacturers to correct violations voluntarily.

In one incident in 2013, FDA inspectors found listeria in a facility where rain dripped through holes in the ceiling onto food prep areas. Although FDA asked the facility to address the problems, samples from the factory still tested positive for listeria two years later. That same year, FDA inspectors found salmonella in a facility that made ready-to-eat seafood, salads and dips. They did not send the facility a warning letter or initiate any other corrective actions.

Prepare your staff for an audit.

Prepare your staff for an audit.

So how do you recover from it?

1: establish a solid label program.
2: follow HACCP county regulations.
3: sanitation.
4: products rotation.
5: clean as you go.